Buy us a beer!

Buy Us a Beer

Maybe you read an article on our website that you particularly liked? Maybe you are just a really, really nice person? Whatever your reason, perhaps you want to say ‘thank you’?

Here is your opportunity to do just that.

All donations are gratefully received, and go directly to the well being of the Reeves-Hall family. Mainly daddy, who likes his real ales, but also occasionally to his lovely wife Katya who enjoys a glass of wine, or to his two kids that never say no to a soda (and will begrudgingly take a juice if crisps are offered for later).

Whatever you decide, thank you! from the bottom of our stomachs.

Buy us a pint of beer (or juice)……with UK £

Buy us a bottle of beer (or juice)……with Euros €

Buy us a bottle of beer (or juice)……with US $

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