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Andrew Reeves-Hall


Dr. Katya Popova



  • learns interesting things at Testbourne Community School
  • is an alumnus of The Oak Tree NurseryWhitchurch CofE Primary School
  • loves to play the piano
  • plays rugby at Overton Rugby Club
  • has yellow belt in Judo


  • was born in Jersey, Channel Islands
  • emigrated to Canada in the 1960’s
  • reverse-emigrated to Whitchurch in 2005
  • loves spending time with her grandkids!
Angela "Grangela" Reeves-Hall


  • was born in St.Petersburg, Russia
  • enjoys her many grandkids (all boys!)
  • is an excellent chef – especially known for tasty soups
  • relaxes through gardening
  • speaks not a whit of English except for the essentials, like “would you like a cup of tea?”
Galina "Baba" Popova

Grandpa (deceased)

  • was born in Birmingham 14 July 1935
  • died 5 March 2013 at 9h53 EST (2h53 UK time) in hospital at Cambridge, Ontario shortly after a diagnosis of stage 4 stomach cancer — see In Memory…
  • emigrated to Canada in the 1960’s
  • lived in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
  • entrepreneur – Antennaman Services, HABAR and finally Semaphore Communications
  • was very proficient at D-I-Y
  • donated enough blood to fill 14 Olympic swimming pools (or there-abouts)
  • loved, and now missed, by many
  • “a very gentle man”
Brian "Grandpa" Reeves-Hall

17 comments to About Us

  • Hello!

    I’ve come to find your website in an interesting way…. I am a soon-to-be graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design University, and I collect old magazines to use as inspiration and artistic reference… This afternoon I was leafing through a 1964 Chatelaine magazine and came across a spread with a beautiful young woman with auburn hair, wearing a green suit.. The woman in the photo was credited as Angela Coutanche and I got to wondering where this lady would be today, and after a quick Google it lead me to your website!

    You may have already seen the article but in case you might be interested in a scanned photo of the page let me know.


    Nicolle L

  • pcchewy

    Was there ever a resolved fix for the HP2600n printer after cleaning the lenses? I have checked every cable and seated the image box correctly but I still get BLANK PAGES except for built in test button. Need help!!!!! Thanks.


  • David R Bamberger

    Thank you again for your “HP Colour Laser Jet Fading Fix”. Send me you snail-mail address and I’ll send you a (USA) check to buy you a beer. Dave

  • micheal murray

    hello, micheal here. miriam can not get in touch with ye as her eye sight is gone very bad. she is wondering how Angela is doing. also christmas presents that she sent your lads have returned in the post, she thinks she has the wrong address for you. if you could let me know the information that would be great.
    Thank you,

  • Joanne Dignem

    Hi Andrew. I came across your web site after I saw the obituary of your Dad in the local paper. My condolences go out to you and your family for your loss.I worked with your Mom at Dr J.O.Ruddy Hospital for years in emerg as it was known then. I have often thought of Angela and wondered how she was. I had heard that she had moved back to England after you had moved there.I would love you to say hi to her for me…..we had many a great laugh while working together. If she has email please give her my address and she can write when she has a minute. Tell her I am still working but now in Oshawa in the out patient department, which has several clinics which I work in. please give her my best.
    Sincerely joanne dignem

  • Norm Lockwood

    Your info on HP colour laser 2600n is still pertinent.
    We have repaired two machines this year using your sheet.
    HOWEVER – to-day, on the third unit, I have a spring left on the bench after cleaning the laser unit – it seems to have fallen from the left side (facing back ).
    It has a centre cylinder with an arm point off top and bottom.

    I have opened one of the others but cannot locate its origin – it seems more important than the odd missed screw.

    Suggestions welcome. .. Ta ……….. Norm

  • Tim

    Andrew – your site is still helping others! Thanks so much for publishing the printer cleaning directions. As an FYI, after I re-assembled the machine, I had a door open error. After fooling around with the side covers for a while I decided to remove the back cover and have a look. I forgot to connect the three data cables that go to the one pc board. Oops. I Hope this may help some other poor soul.

    Thanks again!

  • Mike

    Andrew, Thank’s for the directions to clean my HP2605dn. I’m a old Yank living in Ormond Beach Florida, and worked with a lot of Brits in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait (years ago, sorry I don’t remember their names.)

    Best to you and the family,

  • Tolii is an alumnUS, as there is only one of him!

    [P.S. Please note that although my website (, requested in your “Leave a Reply” area) may be of interest, particularly the section on my sponsored walk for the Iraqi Marsh Arabs, some of it is out-of-date, and in particular some of the web and email links are no longer functioning.]

  • Bruce Laycraft

    Hi Andrew,

    Long time-no see! Steve Brecht told me you had moved to England so I decided to search for you on the ‘net.

    We’ve moved to Bobcaygeon (about 20 minutes NE of Lindsay) ten years ago. Actually, we’re about 6 km south of Bobcaygeon right on Pigeon Lake. I purchased a 420 when we moved here so have been doing a bit of sailing.

    Would like to hear from you!


    • Hi Bruce!

      How wonderful to hear from you! I’ll write you an email now. Sorry for the delay in replying – was moving this website between hosting companies.


  • By the way I live in Tadley, Hampshire and I am in a band with John Dennet (Whitchurch Butcher). Our blues band is playing at The Kings Head in Whitchurch on Saturday 6th March. I owe you a pint and hope you can come along.

  • Hello

    I was looking into the names behind some graves in Putney cemetery and I took a photo of the inscription on Henry and Leonard’s gravestone (also Lillian). I have been looking into some of the companies Henry worked for, fascinating stuff.
    I discovered your website and had to double check your were of the same family!
    As you probably know Henry (Leonard’s father) worked for Imperial Airways from its inception, which was to go on to become BOAC (Henry left at this time) and later British Airways! “Aviation and Engineering Owe Him a Great Debt” as it says on his gravestone.

    Just thought I would make the connection (with the living Reeves Hall’s!) as I have made a connection with the sadly departed ones. I hope you don’t mind.

    Regards, The Quiet Busker.

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