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My dad’s creative way to tell someone to ‘go jump in the lake’

My dad, Brian, had a creative way to tell someone to ‘go jump in the lake’ (other phrases exist).

Here’s a video I just found in my archive – I filmed the brief interview at Heathrow airport while we waited for his flight back to his home in Toronto. My camera at that time was an Olympus C5050 digital camera that had a 320 x 240 “high resolution” video format…well it was considered “high resolution” at the time! It even recorded audio!

3 comments to My dad’s creative way to tell someone to ‘go jump in the lake’

  • Albert

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    They only wants to reset my account and I will lose everything.
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  • There is a button hidden on one of the controls leading to your computer’s speakers, if I remember correctly. Then there is the speaker icon on your computer desktop which might be in the mute state, then there is… perhaps I should just pop down! 🙂

    Here is transcript of what dad is saying:
    “Why don’t you undertake an arduous parambulation on a very abrupt abutment
    and then propel yourself into an acquire solution of doubtful purity?”

  • Mum Angela

    No sound on my computer (Not unusual!)
    Love Mum

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