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Brian’s vintage radios, clocks and other things

Screenshot of vintage radio collection playlist on YouTube

Videos of Brian Reeves-Hall giving the background to his vintage radios, clocks and other things! Click to view the playlist on YouTube. Check back for new additions in the weeks ahead.

Technology runs in my family – in my dad’s case it was a passion for vintage radios, clocks and cameras. But mainly the radios.

10 years ago I interviewed my dad about his collection – many pieces which he restored using original parts. Following his death I am only now getting around to editing and publishing it all! Still more videos to be added in the coming weeks the playlist that I’ve started putting together.

As I cleared out his house, I also came across some other things I never knew he had: a vintage slide projector, an original Polariod camera (bellows and all), and a typewriter with round keys.

There was also a ton, and it may be literally that!, of bits & pieces he used in his hospital / nursing-home security business (he made custom staff attack alarms, protecting nurses).

Over time, more videos will be coming. For now, here’s a start…

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