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How to tie a balloon and string together


Learn how to tie a ribbon and a balloon together at the same time.

Got a party to get ready for? Little time to blow up balloons and attach string to them? Well, look no further – here’s my tip on how to attach the ribbon at the same time as you tie the knot in the balloon!

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(Not shown in the video but recommended: tie the ribbon in a knot around itself afterwards)

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The video is on YouTube HERE.

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  • Hi,

    YOur method of tying balloons is going to be OK as long as you only have a few to do, but if you have a lot it will not only be slow but there is a good chance that will get blisters on your fingers where the latex rubs on it. I will be posting videos on my site about how to inflate balloons along with a bunch of other balloon related hints and tips.


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