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Cycling around Swinley Forest again

Hard to believe it was 9 months ago that we were last at Swinley Forest. Well, that’s the date on one batch of photos I found. This time it was just me and the boys as Katya was with Baba to see the nearby (!?) Windsor Castle.

After a bit of a bite to eat at the – anything you want so long as it’s in a jacket potato – cafĂ© (we arrived noonish as it took longer than expected to get back from Eton, where we dropped them off), we were onto our bikes and cycling out to watch the BMXers at the far end of the forest. It was wonderful to see so many kids cycling all around, especially at the Sandy Ridge. Both Tolii and Tosha gave cycling jumping a go too – albeit on a less bumpy bit nearby.

Was it me, or is all of the Forest only uphill?

Back at the Lookout, we ate our crisps (everyone deserves a reward after cycling!) and met a man – Paul – who had the most amazing bicycle chair. It was custom made for him, costing a few thousand, but boy it looks great and does the business. He needs it because of an injury in the army; but I and Katya need something like it to exercise our upper body!

I won’t tell Katya that I’ll kit mine out just like Paul’s: with an electric front wheel to assist on those Swinley uphills!

Photos below (click on them to see bigger version); following the video