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Apple Shapes Career


Dear Apple,

RIP Steve Jobs.

I didn’t know the two Steves when at age 11 my parents let me spend my CAN$1000 on an Apple ][+ computer. I had been using a Radio Shack TRS-80 for a year and wanted to stretch my abilities more. Little did I know that the company the two Steves built would shape my career choice.

Not soon after the Apple ][+ purchase, I had mastered Applesoft and, with my friend Peter Luscher, wrote the code for a bulletin board system (BBS). These were the days of analog, acoustic modem couplers — when everyone knew ‘MODEM’ stood for modulator/demodulator!

The ComputerLand store in Oshawa, Ontario let us use their secondary telephone line after store hours and one of the Apple computers to run the site. We had dozens of regular callers every night and became one of the areas most popular places to visit online.

Then, every third Thursday of the month throughout my teenage years in the 1980s, I participated in DRAUG – the Durham Region Apple Users Group – sometimes giving presentations to audiences which often included my school teachers!

My confidence and skills grew (and I upgraded to an Apple //e) to the point where I was able to land a contracting job in my mid-teens interfacing an Apple to a custom hospital staff attack alarm system; win countless science and computer fairs using programs I wrote (favourite being a telephone answering system using my Apple); and land a job at that ComputerLand store where things got started! I sold lots of Apple //e, Apple //c and Macintosh (but no Lisa) computers.

I went off to the University of Waterloo in 1988 and graduated 5 years later with first class honours in Computer Engineering.

Without a doubt, the two Steves created a company that made products which were powerful and easy to use. They opened opportunities for people where once there was no knowledge of the opportunities even existing.

On the occasion today of Steve Jobs passing: a thank you for all the effort he put into keeping complexity away and quality in. There were a few stumbles – like the Lisa – but without them, there wouldn’t be the successes.


Andrew Reeves-Hall
now of Whitchurch, Hampshire, UK
and brought up in Whitby, Ontario, Canada

2 comments to Apple Shapes Career

  • Brian Elston

    Loved your story. Remember you and DRAUG well. Chris Greaves and I still attend MAUSE meetings as Mac follow-up to DRAUG. Very pleased to hear all worked out well. We all have a lot to be grateful from Steve. I spent a few years after retirement from TVO working for Apple and loved the experience.

    Still have an Apple ][ that works.

    Be well. Thanks.

  • John

    A nice trip down memory lane.

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