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An era ended – what will be our next movie franchise?

Rare visit to movies.. HP of course.

Katya and I have measured our life together in terms of these movies (and before them with the LoR trilogy).

Dramatic finish abruptly paused when cinema (and perhaps a fair chunk of Basingstoke) suffers a power failure.

Emergency lighting clicks on. Place packed mainly with teens on school trip. Very well behaved.

Relaxed atmosphere.

10 mins later usher starts shoeing people into hall for “Health & Safety”. What!?

I ask him how it can be safer to be in a dimly lit packed corridor than where we are. It’s for H&S. Boxticker.

Out we go and power comes back.

5 mins later the digital projection system restarts at exactly same place.

Good ending.

But what will be the next movie franchise to mark our family milestones? Tough to be 8 HPs!

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