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Whitchurch Church Fête 2011

The 2011 Church Fete in Whitchurch, Hampshire is held on Prof.Denning's lawn.

Our town had its annual Church Fête on Saturday, 9 July 2011. One of its organisers asked me if I could possibly, please, pretty please, oh come on you could couldn’t you? be their unofficial official photographer.

Well, it didn’t get me free admission; but I did leave with a bottle of booze. That’s fair. 🙂

So, the whole story will make its way onto the town’s website soonish, – but for now, you can oogle at my unofficial photographs in our newly reinstalled Gallery: 2011 Church Fête

I took some movies with my Sony Alpha A55, too. One day I’ll get around to editing them together (I’m in the process of switching to Sony’s Vegas editor, having been a long-time Pinnacle Studio user who is finally fed up with its limitations; but I do miss Studio’s easy to learn interface).

And what’s this? Next weekend is the Procession and Carnival? Does the fun ever stop in this lovely little Hampshire town?

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  • Robert Denning

    Dear Andrew,
    We thought your photos of the Church Fete were excellent. Would it be possible for you to let us have/download an electronic copy of the image of my wife and I, in which she is holding a bouquet?
    best regards,
    Robert Denning

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