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Movember 2010 – Not a beard, but just about

Macho-macho man!

The rules of Movember, a fundraising event for the Prostate Cancer Charity, require that only a moustache be grown, not a beard.

Last year, my moustache wasn’t much liked by Katya, and only somewhat by my boys, so I had to do something a bit different this year if I wanted to have dinner with the family.

So, I decided to grow a “fuller” moustache, by letting the hair grow around the edge of my mouth but shaving up the middle of my chin one shaver-width. So far the reaction has been pretty good. That is, if you like being called a 1970s porn star. Or a macho-macho man, or a bike gang member.

At least its all for a good cause! Please donate what you can, or at least £5 🙂

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