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Brompton Baby, yeah!

My folded Brompton

The new cool is not a new car, it’s a new bike.

I have one. Actually I now have three!

One is just a ‘pub bike’, though. My second one is the ‘real’ workhorse, taking me around town and across the BMX track with the family. I bought from our local dealer, North Hants Bikes.

My coolest bike, though, has to be my new Brompton. It’s a foldable bike that is easy to travel on the train with. Brompton is building a strong international reputation for their strong UK bicycle.

(Aside: my friend John, also a “Bromie” owner, told me n = b + 1, where n is the number of bikes you need, and b is the number of bikes you have – I am starting to prove his theorem)

So keen was I for it, that I set up the Cycle Scheme at work so all our employees could benefit from tax breaks to get a new bike for nearly 50% off, financed at 0% for a year through monthly deductions from the paycheck. Thanks taxman!

Canadian flag inspired, and UK built, Brompton

I picked up my “M6L” Brompton from Stonehenge Cycles in Salisbury, as it was my closest Brompton dealer, this past Saturday. Both my kids wanted to ride it; so I lowered the seat and let them take a turn riding it “Easy-Rider” style from the shop to the boot of the car.

My first chance to ride it came later that Saturday evening, during the first World-Cup match between England and the USA. The streets of Whitchurch were quiet and I had free reign to zoom down London Street and then use the lowest gear to get back up Newbury hill. I was back home in time to see the 1-1 draw concluded.

I adorned it tastefully with maple leaf stickers to reflect the Canadian colour theme. I couldn’t find a red seat, so settled for a white ‘Regal’ from San Marco and put a sticker on the back of it. Conveniently, the red and white colours also match the England flag colours, recently hijacked by footy fans and bollard painters.

My travel time to work was cut dramatically, but a loose rail slowed the train between Basingstoke and Hook, so I ended up arriving at work at the same time this morning. The folded bike is sitting beside my desk, and many coworkers have come by to lift it up to see how portable it is. Me thinks there might be a few more that sign up for Cycle Scheme now.

Next up: a Brompton brigade with my fellow “Bromies” in the upcoming Whitchurch carnival procession!

Its time to ride, baby. Ding Ding.

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