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Doomington Scooped

Local resident Andrew Reeves-Hall started his long road to join the ‘Beer Tickers’ or ‘Scoopers’ when he became the first to register a ‘scoop’ at the White Hart of a rare new beer.

Arkells have brewed a special limited edition ale at their Donnington brewery – one of the most traditional breweries in the country and in perhaps the most beautiful of country settings.

Texts flew around Whitchurch as Andrew was baptised into the secret Society, where the enthusiasts score as many different beers as they can, an activity often equated with the extremes of trainspotting, and line bashing!

Regretably Andrew will have to wait for his tickers anorak as he made the ultimate supreme error of recording his scoop incorrectly, informing everyone it was Doomington Founders Ale.
Doomington? DOOMINGTON?

He also fails on another count too – he doesn’t have a beard!

Andrew says in his defense, “Hey, I was trying to text and drink at the same time, give me a break! Beard!? I did grow a moustache during Movember, though”

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