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Whitchurch Pub Race 2010


The pub race around town was a site to behold – this was the third year of its return and each time the creative costumes and antics improve.

Men at Work nearly get run over instead of a donation!

Our favourites this year were the EngLego team dressed up as LEGO figures who had to endure sweltering heat inside their costumes; and the Men at Work for their shere audacity of blocking off traffic to sweep up and demand charity donations from the motorists – Most gave after just a bit of haggling, but one couple, in a Mercedes no less, just accelerated towards them!

Our family set up a water-stop, complete with our reproduction Railway Hotel Inn pub sign, for runners to take a break at as they made their way towards the Prince Regent pub.

Girls 'R' Lads put on quite the show!

Special thanks have to go out to the Men at Work team for their fussing over Tosha after he bumped into the table during all the excitement of watching their antics (It was a weekend of bumping, as Tolii had a bump after falling from his bike and ended up sleeping the entire evening and missing all the hilarity).

Tosha plays with the world's largest lego bricks!

A special treat came later for Tosha, too: he spent an evening at the White Hart with mummy and daddy in the throng of the crowd celebrating the winners of the race; and tucking into a tasty dinner perched next to a counter – for the place was packed full!

A complete write-up of the day’s events is on the Whitchurch Town Website. More photos are in our gallery; the Basingstoke Gazette’s photos and article, ‘Whatever takes your fancy‘, are online – a ‘thank you‘ letter to the editor is there too.

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