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A renewed political landscape for Whitchurch

Symbols of the B&DBC council election in May 2010 for Whitchurch, Hampshire

Apart from the general election on 6 May 2010, which changed the UK political landscape, there was also a local borough council (B&DBC) election here in Whitchurch, Hampshire – where the right to demonstrate was won for the country.

Why is that last bit relevant? Well, if you had been in town, or just passing through, during the campaign season you would have been hard pressed to miss seeing a bicycle with a sign about WhitchurchTruth on it – Some locals, including myself, decided to launch a very public protest to get the truth out.

The Conservative borough candidate lost by a wide margin (and the Conservative national candidate, Sir George Young, was re-elected as our MP). The Liberal Democrat Keith Watts was re-elected, with near 60% of the votes – same as Sir George!, to represent Whitchurch in B&DBC along with fellow Liberal Democrat Eric Dunlop.

Some quirk of the election laws permits only two elections on the same date – so our local town council election had to be postponed until the end of this month…

Here we go again? Let’s hope not…

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