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A new political landscape for the UK

A few of the Liberal Democrats' birds flutter into the Conservatives' tree leaving Labour's rose in the shade.

Last evening saw the resignation of the UK’s prime minister, and Labour Party’s leader, Gordon Brown, and the formation of a new government with the Conserative’s David Cameron as the country’s new prime minister. The leader of the 3rd place party, Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats, gets to be Deputy Prime Minister in a new coalition government.

I think this means our local MP, Sir George Young as possible Leader of the House, will miss his chance to answer questions in Parliament during Wednesdays’ Question Time when Cameron is away. I’m sure we’ll see lots of him, anyway. He’s an old hat at this politics thing and still teach these young upstarts a thing or two 🙂

Given this new landscape, I decided to design my own UK Political Landscape picture (I am chairman of Whitchurch Arts after all!).

The only way to achieve a majority in the new Parliament was for the Conservatives to negotiate a coalition deal with the Liberal Democrats – an odd pairing of left and right – but something that might actually come to symbolize what the Conservatives tried (but failed) to get across during the election campaign: Big Society. i.e. (I think) people from different backgrounds working together to make the country a better place.

For all the ‘pomp and ceremony’ usually associated with the British, this transition was quick (after 5 days of negotiation) in comparison to the American’s drawn-out affair to install a new president. Heck, there wasn’t even a procession in a motorcade down a blocked off street like we see over there; just a seemingly ordinary car winding its way from a brief visit with the Queen at Buckingham Palace to Downing Street – with many bicycles passing by, and the occassional traffic jam and red light to hold things up. After a brief speech in front of his new house, David Cameron, our new PM, went inside to have a wee, leaving the press to repeat his words over and over and over for the rest of the night’s news.

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