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Now a One-Car Family

Never before have we been a one-car family.  We are now!

I have taken to using the train for my commute into Fleet this year; and the time had come to renew the insurance on the X-registration (2000) Honda Civic, plus we had to pay a hefty repair bill to get it to pass its MOT in February.

We decided after a bit of ‘what if’ scenario playing that we can manage with just one car. (One of friends thinks we should be able to manage with no car…but one step at a time!)

So, onto AutoTrader it went last Sunday.  This Sunday it was bought by a lovely couple who drove 3.5 hours from Devon to see it.  After a test drive out to Overton and back, we agreed on a discount because a cambelt was due for replacement.  We sat down outside to enjoy some coffee together, to celebrate the exchange and to fill in the V5C paperwork.

We’re going to put the purchase price towards our summer holiday, and a possible Brompton for me in the future…

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