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Whitchurch Winter Wonderland after Travel Troubles

The Square, Whitchurch, Hampshire

The snow has stayed to the delight of our kids!  There were many opportunities to take some very pretty pictures around town (see our gallery).  That is, once I got into town after work…

I joined hundreds of others on the snow blown roads yesterday when the thick snow started coming down (again) yesterday around 3pm in Fleet.

Lynch Hill Park in Whitchurch, Hampshire

The M3 was a slow crawl from exit 4a through to 5 with cars packed in tight.  At exit 5 there was a lorry blocking a lane under the overpass but it was mostly the thick and accumulating snow that was making driving up the hill there tough. I saw cars sliding about even though we were all going just 10mph.  Thankfully, I had left when I did for things just got worse and worse. I kept to 10mph right through to exit 8 for the A303, where the conditions improved marginally.

About two and half hours after leaving work, I arrived home.

Many others didn’t have it so lucky – especially in Basingstoke (exit 6) where the entire city became grid locked (everyone decided to leave work when the heavy snow started, and I heard they shut the Festival Place shopping mall too). Hundreds descended on the slippery secondary roads all at once. The BBC has a report of all the abandoned cars littering the streets even still tonight.

Lynch Hill Park in Whitchurch, Hampshire

This weather reminds me of winters when I was growing up in Whitby (Ontario) in Canada.  At least there you had snow ploughs (my dad says the cats eyes in the roads here would be ripped up if the same ploughs were used here; instead its mainly gritters).

ARH20091222-38185 (Large)

The M3 near exit 6 for Basingstoke on Tuesday morning

The M3 was cleared of all snow this morning for my commute to work, so they must have something to do that. I left work a tad early today, too – the thaw never really came and what did melt began to freeze. I drove through ‘icy fog’ as its called for large parts of the drive home, but at least I could see the road markings!