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Wonderful Weather Words

The WeatherOnline website continues to make us laugh with their delightful descriptions of British weather…the chap, Simon Keeling, who writes their ‘month ahead’ forecast makes you feel sunny even if the weather isn’t:

If someone finds the ‘barbeque summer’ would they kindly return it?
If you are still waiting to fire up the barbeque you may have to keep the coals dry for a while longer yet as the pattern does not show any confident signs of settling down in the shorter term. In fact, between now and the end of the month, the number of days when the average pattern could be really considered as settled, may perhaps be counted on the fingers of one hand?”

“There aint no cure for the summertime blues!’
At the moment, the only ‘sizzle’ most of us will be hearing coming from this ‘barbeque summer’ will be the sound of raindrops evaporating as they hit the hot surface of the grill plate, there seems little if anything at least in the short term to indicate that the weather will settle to any major degree. If there’s one crumb of comfort to be drawn from all this unsettled weather, at least the rains mostly warm.”

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  • Katya

    Well, now even “week ahead” forecaster from the weatheronline is trying to joke, usually “week ahead” is a sober one, but now he even gets a go at teh MetOffice prediction of the “BBQ hotter than average summer”:

    Issued: 0835 Wednesday 22nd July 2009

    “Low pressure dominates

    So with someone’s prediction of a dry summer and soaring temperatures, we are asking where is this weather. Well it’s across the Mediterranean. And as far as we can tell it
    won’t be paying us a visit here, at least into the first part of August. “

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