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Back to the (Oblong) Future

The TED conference is coming back to Oxford this July. I doubt I’ll go – I’d rather spend the $4500 (about same in UK pounds) on a holiday with my family! And the talks will be podcast in the autumn anyway. I keep a few of the interesting TED talks in our ‘Mostly Interesting‘ page.

However, they have posted a list of who will be talking there. One speaker caught my eye (the power of good branding?): oblong. You just want to find out what that company does. Oblong. Not square, not triangular. Oblong. Cool name.

Anyway, glad it did grab my attention, too, because they have brought to reality what was only hypothesized in the 2002; remember the movie starring Tom Cruise called “Minority Report”? Well, now, up in Oxford, they will be showing the real thing. Yes, all three pre-cogs will be flown over from the LA headquarters in a specially converted Airbus A380 and kept floating in a tank somewhere nearby while the chief scientist of Oblong; gotta say that again…Oblong; will wow the audience with their interactive glove-interface movie editing system. Have a look at the demo on the video, and do let me know if you go and see it in person. Meanwhile, I’ll investigate this other speaker who does X-ray photography

oblong’s tamper system 1801011309 from john underkoffler on Vimeo.

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