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A New Discussion Forum for Whitchurch

Our town of Whitchurch, Hampshire, UK was left without a discussion forum last Thursday.  For some reason TheWhitchurchWeb went down, taking its forums with it. So, I and a couple others in town set up a new forum for people to use:

Pop on over there and have a chat and a cup of tea.

8 comments to A New Discussion Forum for Whitchurch

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  • At Last

    Good forum. The other forum had turned into a bit of a boys club for the select few. Good stuff …well done …

  • Hi Ian, there is no ‘opposing’. Indeed, you will have seen that I frequent both forums! Our lovely town has several pubs, several restaurants, several grocers, several meeting halls, several churches and yes, two country markets. In fact there is even a new group, and not WADS, organising a drama play. All, I believe, are very successful. This is wonderful! It is a thriving, positive place to be.


  • Ian Toogood-Johnson

    Why can’t you own up to the real reason you set up an opposing forum to one that has been running successfully? Very much like having two town markets on at the same time? Pot kettle black!!!

  • Baldrick

    Would that be the same crystal ball that let *someone* on the Whitchurch Forum see inside the personal messages between users, then post them up (suitably edited, of course) for all to see?

    Amazing things, those crystal balls…

  • John

    It is excellent the Town now has an new Forum with such a positive outlook.

  • No crystal ball required, it was coincidence. You are referring to just the most recent time that thewhitchurchweb forum went down.

  • Phil Cooper

    Your article says you set up the website because thewhitchurchweb forum was down – this was on Thuursday 9th April. Your welcoming message is dated Tue Apr 07, 2009 11:47 am.
    Could I please have access to your crystal ball?

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