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Ticked Off

We love our cats – mostly.  A week or so ago, though, they brought us a present that we certainly didn’t want: fleas.

Katya got the worst of them – bites all over her ankles.  The kids had a bite or two; and Andew got one on his forehead! Yikes!

So – Friday turned into a disinfect-the-house day.  Grandpa did amazing feats of cleaning under the close scrutiny of Katya as all linens were put through the wash; beds and carpets sprayed with industrial-strength, vet-approved flea killer.  Grandpa knew a trick for dealing with the mounds of small clothes: instead of washing them, just pop them into microwave for a few seconds — ZAP!  A boiled egg doesn’t hatch!

Fingers crossed that all is well in another two weeks…

Update: they came back at the start of September – Katya sprayed all over the house again; and in the cars.  The psychological factor is quite strong too: even Andrew thinks he’s being crawled over by the little buggers.

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