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This website upgraded to Wordpress 2.6

A technie note … I’ve just upgraded this website to use WordPress 2.6.  It came out a couple weeks ago, but I wanted to wait in case there were any issues…there doesn’t seem to be, so I took the plunge.

Of course, after upgrading I found one: the new feature that puts captions below images screwed up the new Jersey, C.I. page that I wrote. The text just did not wrap around the pictures as it used to.

Thankfully, a Google search turned up a fix; then I found a better tip in WordPress’ support forum: copy the image and caption settings from the “Default” theme’s stylesheet — I must patch the (old) Cutline 3-Column Split 1.1 theme that I use. I have to use it because it is the only one I know of that formats for the Coppermine photo gallery. Perhaps its time I ditch Coppermine and use NextGen

Here’s another bug with those new photo captions: if you write one that includes an apostrophe then you loose everything after it when you publish the post.  You can, though, go back and edit the image properties and retype the text.  Its still a problem even in 2.6.2.

And yet another bug with captioned images: you cannot move them around in the Visual editor without them becoming separated from the image!

What does this mean to you?  Nothing really, its more for me as a publisher.

I’ve added a few new plug-ins for WordPress, too.  You can see the list of plug-ins under About Us, in the Blog’s Plug-Ins page.

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