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Aalborg Without a Stop(per)

Rohde & Schwarz office in Aalborg, DenmarkI popped over to the Rohde & Schwarz office in Aalborg, Denmark for meetings on Tuesday.

What a fabulous building!  It used to be an old gas works – converting coal into gas.  It was derelict for 20 years before R&S took it over about 4 years ago.  They built up three floors inside it.  Its is all tastefully decorate and felt very spacious.

It overlooks the fjord (for now – there’s plans for a building to go up right in front of it).

The whole trip was a pleasure, especially the direct flight on Sterling from Gatwick which cut the agony out of the normal travel route through Copenhagen (the sacrifices being the late night arrival and no Wednesday return flight).  The food at the office and at the airport were wonderful.  Yes, delicious airport food!  And served by tall blondes!

View of Fjord from R&S Aalborg, Denmark office

I stayed at the Quality Hotel.  Their rooms mainly have shower/wet rooms, but I specifically asked for a room with a bath.  I got the last one.  Unfortunately, I forgot to specify that I wanted a plug for the bath!

Sterling Airlines at Aalborg airport

No plug for bath at Quality Hotel in AalborgI went to reception and complained.  The chap had a poke around the cabinets and drawers and cubby-holes to no avail.  I said I really, really want a bath.  He said he’d look around some more.  Ten minutes later he knocked on my door and gave me a plug on a chain!  I can only imagine that he must have snuck into someone else’s room, tip-toed into their bathroom and swiped the plug.  Good for me!

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