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Musical Mutterings

Logo of the band Arcade FireArcade Fire is a popular Canadian alternative music group; Again, I catch these things well after others have made them popular.  I haven’t listened to them much.  Probably all of 6 minutes so far (the same song twice).  I like them, well this song to start with; In particular, I really liked the interactive music for Black Mirror found at its own website http://www.rorrimkcalb.com/ — read that URL backwards.

Screenshot from Black Mirror interactive video by Arcade FireThe best bit is that you can choose what bits of the song to listen to – just the vocals, the bass, etc.  There’s six buttons at the bottom to select which ones to have active.  So, if you just want to know the words (no prizes for guessing that “Black Mirror” figures pretty prominently, but there is also some French spoken in there, too).  Pressing the space bar flips black to white and vice versa.

Enjoy. Now, if only Zunior.com, my favourite place to download Canadian indie music, carried them.  And The Weakerthans (another popular Canadian band).

Logitech mm50 portable iPod speakersI got sucked into this musical escapade because I spent this evening flopped out on the sofa listening to some podcasts from CBC Radio 3 (if ever I am stranded on a desert island, and have just an iPod, with an ability to magically download just one podcast, then that would be it; I hope, though, that I’d have some soap, too).  I was listening to the podcast on my iPod nano and Logitech mm50 portable speakers — Great speakers, by the way.  You can get them cheap these days (there’s a new version out that includes, oh-ah, a battery fullness indicator; the “indicator” on the mm50 is…silence).

Lanyard earphones for older iPod nano MP3 playerI haven’t yet mentioned that Katya has come close to busting a second set of my earphones:  My first iPod nano’s earpieces went kaput and so I got a lanyard replacement, which frayed from all the fritction they endured around her neck as she went jogging running; Now Katya has taken the earbuds from my newer iPod nano and asked me tonight: “is there any reason why songs would start skipping?”

I wonder if others have had their iPod nano start skipping songs, like you heard scratched CDs do.  I can only think of two causes: the iPod was dropped one too many times and some soldering is coming loose inside, or the cables to the earbugs are beginning to fray.

Technics SL-1210 MK2 turntableAnd on another note (!): I’m looking around eBay for a used Technics SL-1210 turntable.  I’ve heard from a bright spark on the Whitchurch forum that it is the one to use for converting my old vinyl albums to MP3.  My dad is bringing over quite a few of the LPs from my childhood, when he flies over next Saturday.  It will be fun to see if Tolii and Tosha get as much fun out of listening to them as I did.  On a related note (!), they’ve really enjoyed playing with the Fisher Price castle that I brought down from the loft last week (and have had since around 1972…).

Anyway, I’m off to bed with my iPod to listen to The New Pornographers, which Zunior does have for download. And which I did.