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Baa Baa – The Overton Sheep Fair 2008

The only sheep we saw was a stuffed toy.  However, the rest of the party in Whitchurch’s neighbouring town, Overton, was beyond expectations.  They closed Winchester Rd to have a big party (more photos in our gallery).

Who can’t enjoy watching the local townswomen getting out to protest for the vote?  I really do have to wonder what century they are living in over there.

And then there was the competition to match the poo to the animal.  Luckily it was just pictures.

There were two bouncy castles, too – a fantastic hit with Tolii and Tosha.

Best, though, for them was the roundabout ride (whatever it was called).  They had to go a second time!

And for today, we’re off to the Farnborough Air Show