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Whitchurch Church Fête 2008

The town’s Church Fête was held today in its usual spot: the lawn of Lord Denning’s estate, opposite the parish church.

We came prepared with a bag full of 50p coins to spend on all the activities; and Katya  brought along pull-overs (the weather again this July is cool and rainy – although the rain held off until our walk home).

Tolii kept saying, “Oh! Oh! Daddy, can we play that?” — “Yes!” was always the answer.

Once again, Tolii managed to knock a coconut off of its stand and win it. Later, at home, he had fun smashing the coconut with a hammer to get to the tasty white stuff inside.

The only small disappointment was that the pony rides did not happen – there weren’t any ponies!

Tosha and Tolii each bought a duck for the first duck race. But, alas, neither won. Sadly, neither did our friend George’s. However, we all were smiling ear to ear watching the ducks make their way quickly down the Test river!

Granny then bought us all ice creams!

We met up with several of our friends, including birthday-girl Gill, whose party we’re off to this evening. She even won a very appropriate prize: free rental of the Gill Nethercott Centre, precisely where her party is!

The highlight of the day for the boys had to have been the tree swing that hung above the river. Tolii queued up countless times to have another go. Eventually even Tosha decided to take a turn!