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Travellin’ But Not Like…

I* was in Munich for a meeting on Thursday. I get there about half a dozen times a year. Fly in the night before, get to the hotel late, have a bite to eat**, sleep unsoundly (although its getting better, usually asleep by 1:30am [12:30am UK time]), wake up, have breakfast, walk to the office, meet, leave, fly home; and listen to Harry Potter books via the GPS’s MP3 player during the hour’s drive home from Heathrow.

*Andrew is I’m getting tired of writing in the 3rd person on this blog!

**Highly recommended restaurant: Kam Yi on Rosenheimer Straße, opposite the Hilton.  They serve Asian dishes – I especially like their summer rolls followed by a phở soup).  I get my fill of Bavarian food at lunch (and that’s more than enough…)

Occasionally, there’s travel further afield. And that’s fun. As a photographer, its always exciting to have new things to capture on the SD card – see our Travel gallery for some photos of I’ve taken around the world.

A couple weeks ago I put together a list of the places I had been in my life: Over a hundred! If you include every little town around Whitby, Ontario, where I grew up. So, probably its more like 50 “real” places. Even so, that’s pretty amazing. Might as well do it before the planes run out of fuel. I just don’t relish the idea of nuclear powered planes. Solar powered maybe; although taking off in rainy London might take a little while. Like a season. Or two.

Then, tonight, I discovered Matt. Some of you probably knew about him 3 years ago. Well, I have no excuse really – except maybe not watching North American TV anymore (he was on a few chat shows after his first video). Heck, I don’t watch TV much at all now – except for Fireman Sam. And sometimes I do that with my kids.

Still, I’m glad I stumbled across his videos. Now there’s a guy who’s traveled a lot. And for what? To see places…and to dance. How inspiring. He’s a sharp guy who knows how to tell a story (this I got from watching his 3-part lecture, after watching his travel videos).

Enjoy…and now I’m off to contemplate a journey to bed.

The original (published in 2005)…

The sponsored follow-up in 2006…

And the latest sponsored journey, 2008…

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