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Whitchurch Carnival and Procession

This town of ours keeps on wow-ing us. Today was the first carnival and procession in the town since 1996 – and you could tell the event has been sorrily missed. The king, queen, prince and princesses were all in attendance, too!

The creativity and fun shown was second to none. Heck, it was even great to see congestion on Micheldever Road — this time people holding up cars!

Tolii and Tosha were marching with the Oak Tree Nursery gang. Mummy brought along the push-chair (thankfully!) to let the kids rest their weary feet. Daddy was running up and down the route snapping photos (once again forgetting to make a badge identifying himself as the “Official” photographer). He even convinced a local who lived above the Old Paper Shop to let him take photos from his high vantage point overlooking The Square.

Head over to our site’s gallery to see all of Andrew’s photos of the day (they’re in the Travel->Whitchurch folder).

The parade wound its way from the Ardglen industrial estate on Evingar Road, down to Lower Evingar Road, across Bell Street to The Square (a roundabout) and down Winchester Street to the Millennium Meadow. There were millions (okay, hundreds?) of people lining the route.

Daddy’s favourite float was the pirate ship. Some locals just got together and decorated the back of a lorry as a huge pirate ship – complete with sails and figurehead. Tosha was truly put off by the authenticity of it. Tolii loved it.

There was a huge crowd at the Millennium Meadow to greet all the participants. Plenty of fun activities, including a mildly violent Punch & Judy show, a hog roast, and a beer tent, entertained everyone. Tolii won a toy bow & arrow set which prompted a long conversation with Daddy regarding the comparison of it to his sword…”Which is better, Daddy?”…”Well, arrows are good for fighting at a distance, swords good for close-in combat”…the questions continued…

Granny bought us all some “99” softie ice-creams – which dripped all over us.

A fantastic day, and a great big thank you to Rob Dunlop who has been spearheading all the Whitchurch festivities this summer!

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