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Whitchurch Pub Race 2008

Whitchurch FestivalThis past Sunday saw the return of the Whitchurch Pub Race – something that hasn’t been seen around these parts for well over a decade (so the locals tell me). Thankfully, the rain cleared up by Sunday afternoon, just in time for the race.

Andrew is the official photographer of this year’s revived Whitchurch Festival (including the pub race). This meant he got a couple free beers (thanks White Hart and The Bell!).

It was a great time – the costumes were far more elaborate than we thought they’d be; and there were far more entries than even the organizers expected!

There were at least 20 teams going around (although some weren’t technically legal: the guy in the chicken suit was towing along two stuffed animals instead of two live teammates).

The teams had to visit each of the town’s drinking holes in a specific order: The Railway Inn, The Prince Regent, The Red House, The White Hart, The Bell, The Kings Arms, The Harvest Home, and finally The Sports & Social Club. Each team member had to have a 1/2 pint of “drink” (could be non-alcoholic, but I didn’t see anyone doing that!) at each stop.

The teams were pretty plastered, to say the least, by the time they got to the Social Club.

There were three prizes: one for the fastest time (near to 1/2 hour), the most money raised for charity, and the best costume.

Tolii and Tosha’s favourites for best costume won: The Silly English Knights. I pity the poor, underaged! kid who was suckered into following them around clapping a coconut.

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