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New Neighbours

A young couple is moving in next door this weekend: They are renting the place for a year from the two blondes who bought the place last autumn. We don’t know why the blondes moved out; but Andrew is very disappointed. He had already bragged to many people about living next door to them. He was looking forward to a long, hot summer that would entice them to bathe topless in the back garden (assuming they finally got around to trimming the tall weedy trees at the back of the garden).  Sadly, it all just wasn’t meant to be.

On a positive note: this means the car parking situation should improve. Not that there will be fewer cars, just that the new neighbour’s cars might be parked with a bit more consideration. It was often the case that Andrew would arrive home to a car practically abandoned in the road: part in their parking spot, part in the road. This made it difficult to manoeuvre our Toyota Verso into our spot; especially since the Verso has such a crapping turning circle.

Daddy will miss watching the blondes pouring hot water onto their frozen car doors and windows in the wintertime. It must have just been good fortune that the windows didn’t shatter! Ah, blondes…

Andrew mentioned to the new neighbours, a lovely young couple without kids, that ear plugs are sold in the local hardware shop. Even so, those probably won’t still be enough to stop the noise of Tosha’s screams from penetrating into their living room through the bricked up fireplaces on our shared wall. Daddy will have to test out their tolerance by tickling Tosha (and Tolii) thoroughly while playing a surround-sound movie at high volume. Not that he would really do that…

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  • Hey Tom, its only my parking that’s a problem these days! My Verso just doesn’t turn well; so far I’ve managed to knock over our little flowerbed wall a few times while trying to convince the Verso that it really should get into our spot without having to be reversed.

    I cannot believe you haven’t really noticed the kids screaming. I have a permanent ringing in my ears from it! They’re great kids…but boy is it ever peaceful after bedtime (which is getting later and later…).



  • Tom

    Hello and MERRY CHRISTMAS! I have finally managed to get round to seeing your amazing website. Where do you find the time to keep it so up to date?? I hope the car parking has been ok for you. Please any problems and just let us know. You can rest assured that the ‘Tosha’s screaming’ has barely been noticed by us both. Still there may be some screaming from our side of the wall in the new year…..! Hope your enjoying the season and the kids and cats are all well.

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