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Redevelopment Of Old Library’s Site

Whitchurch’s old library site, slated for redevelopment

The plans for the redevelopment of the site that used to have the “temporary” (from the 1970s!) library show a really ugly set of buildings.

3-D View of Redevelopment Plans for Whitchurch’s old library’s siteI added my comments to the plans at the Basingstoke & Dean Borough Council (B&DBC) website. It showed the status as still being in “consultation” even though the notices were put up back on 7 Feb 2008.

There’s a hearty discussion going on over at the Whitchurch Web’s forums.

I took some photos of the area as it is today and put them into our gallery.

There’s two plans because the site is within the Whitchurch conservation area: BDB/67896 and BDB/67897.

Interestingly, the local town council apparently “raised no objection” to these hideous plans!

Map showing location of old library.

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