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Hail the Easter Egg Hunt!

Hunting for eggs: Evie, Liam, Tosha and RupertNot even a hail storm could prevent our annual Easter Egg hunt from going ahead.

The eggs weren’t really egg-shaped: they were in the shape of bugs, chickens, bunnies and very big bunnies (all from Lidl).

Hunting for eggs: Tosha, George (in tree), Luke, Angus and ToliiWe descended upon the Whitchurch Millennium Meadow for the event. There’s even more photos in our gallery.

There were lots of “eggs” hidden all about the trees (a special thank you to George for providing some extra ones to find!  And to Christa and Stuart for entertaining the kids with rocket balloons while things got setup).

Luke whacks the hiding Easter bunny out of the treeThe little boys and girls were quick to find their chocolate treats; Evie, Liam, Tosha and Rupert all found enough to almost fill their buckets! Iris, Evie’s sister, decided to snooze through the exciting hunts.

George finds an Easter Egg

Not to be outdone, the older siblings hunted about a different tree to find theirs; Luke, George, Angus and Tolii searched high and low to get them all.

The challenges of the day were those big Easter bunnies that had somehow climbed way up in the trees to hide (thanks to Evie’s dad, Colin, for you know what!).

The gang in the tree after finding the Easter bunny

Some careful searching by the gang soon found them. Luke used a very big stick to whack them out of their perch.

The Easter race begins…in the hail

And what would a party be without some…races! The weather provided an extra challenge for all the participants: the clouds opened up and a fierce hail storm started. The hail stones were close to the size of mini Easter eggs! Ouch! They really hurt when they hit our heads!

George races to catch up with ToliiTosha ran every race with a huge smile; Tolii even ran some races by himself. In one race that Tolii thought he had all to himself, George quickly caught up to him and gave him a run for his money!

Hanna closely followed by Rachel in the Easter racesHanna and Rachel came just in time to win a few races themselves. Unfortunately, their brother Josh wasn’t feeling too well and had to miss out on all the fun.

Daddy ran one race and won! Race officials got a protest from Hanna who claimed daddy cheated by pushing her off course. He denies all such behaviour.

Hail blankets the Millennium Meadow at Easter

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