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Ikea Whirlpool Oven Door Shatters Spontaneously

Ikea Oven Door Shatters SpontaneouslyTonight Katya opened our new kitchen’s oven door to have its outside part shatter spontaneously into a million pieces!

Luckily, Tolii and Tosha were not near.

But what are we to do for our planned dinner party this Saturday!?

Have a look at the result in the picture to the left. A full-size image is also available (right-click here, and choose “save link as”).

Our kitchen was installed by Ikea just last year (after much fussing with the installation, mainly the solid wood countertop).

The oven was made by Whirlpool for Ikea, model 85791601551 “Mumsig”. Its article no. 80094778 (our 2007 model had a slightly different name than the current 2008 model, “DÃ…TID OBI M10 AN”).

Ikea were good in the past with putting things right, I can only hope they will be again this time. I’ll update this blog entry with what happens…

Update 11/03/2008 3:30pm: Ikea rang to say they will arrange for Whirlpool to do a “survey” and that he is ordering a new oven. So, off to a very quick, and good start!

Update 14/03/2008 2:20pm: Ikea says they must send out an Whirlpool engineer; and they say they have ordered us a new oven which will be delivered on Wednesday, the 2nd of April. They said they will contact the same fitting company used originally to put in the new oven, at their expense. The fitters will come only after they are told the replacement oven is actually in our house.

Update 15/03/2008 8:00pm: Our dinner party with Gill and Mike. Katya manages to create a wonderful Thai dinner without the oven.

Invoice from Whirlpool engineer for inspection survey of Ikea oven’s shattered doorUpdate 20/03/2008 1:30pm: A repairman for Whirlpool arrived unexpectedly – he wrote a report which said “Oven outer door glass shattered”. I paid him £50; which Ikea has promised to reimburse me for. An interesting tid-bit: the serial number of the oven includes the date of its manufacture. In our case the first part of it, “390646”, means it was made in week 46 of the year 06 (i.e. 2006). Don’t know what the 39 means, though.

Update: 25/03/2008 4:00pm: Ikea called to refund me the £50 fee for the survey engineer. All going well so far.

Update: 25/03/2008 4:30pm: Hampshire Trading Standards called; I gave them the purchase date, model and serial number so they can log it in their internal database at Consumer Direct. He’s passed the case onto the “local home tranding standards for Whirlpool in UK” group. I may or may not hear from them; but supposedly they have contacts high up in Whirlpool to whom they can report the issue if it turns out to be a situation that happens frequently.

Update: 03/04/2008 3pm: The new oven was delivered. No indication yet when it will be installed.

Update: 09/04/2008: Called Ikea to ask again about installation; they said they contacted the installers, Core and Ore, on 1st to tell them that the oven was being delivered on the 2nd. I asked that they be contacted again and an installation date arranged. Ikea said Core and Ore would call me to arrange this.

Update 11/04/2008 2:30pm: Called Ikea again because Core and Ore had not called me to arrange an installation date. Ikea is calling Core and Ore; they said Ikea would ring me back after contacting them.

Update 14/04/2008 11:45am: Ikea says that Core and Ore are aware that they must fit oven. He said that remedial authorization form from them has not been received by Ikea! When it is, Ikea will process it and return it to them within the day. He said he would call C&O every other day about it. Once they have it, then C&O should call me to arrange a fitting date. I complained about this long process — the oven was delivered two weeks ago and C&O haven’t got the first step of the install process done yet!

Update 21/04/2008 1:40pm: Ikea says that paperwork from C&O done on 14th (huh!?). C&O received the order from Ikea to do the installation on 15th. C&O should be calling me this week to arrange what day the fitting of the new oven will take place. Ikea reconfirmed that it would pay for the installation. When I said I need it done before my holiday in June, Ikea said that it shouldn’t drag on that long…

Update 01/05/2008 8:00am: Email sent by me to Ikea to say that I have yet to hear from C&O regarding its installation.

Update 01/05/2008 4pm: No reply or response received so I called Service 87 who did the “survey”. They can do installation for £79; no indication yet when they could schedule it for (once I have that then I’ll inform Ikea and give them a deadline to get C&O out to my place). The Service 87 said I would have to call their 0870-429-4270 number [I will also try their direct number from their invoice, to save the hefty 0870 charges: “Say No To 0870“!]

Update 09/05/2008 11:20am: Ikea says that C&O don’t have any fitters in our area. I demanded that the oven be fitted within the next 7 days or else I get it installed and claim the money back from them. Ikea said to see if I could find my own fitter; and they would reimburse me. We agreed to talk again next Wednesday to see if I had any luck. In the meantime, they would keep at C&O. They also admitted that I wasn’t alone in my complaints regarding C&O not fitting items! Ikea said that they would talk about compensation for all this hassle after everything was resolved.

Update 12/05/2008 noon-ish: Called Service 87, who did the original survey (see above). They said they could do fitting for £79 on next Friday! However, they don’t have the ability to take the old oven away. I agreed to have the install done anyway and had them fax me a quote, which I then emailed to Ikea. I told Ikea that they’d have to take away the old oven once it is removed.

Update 14/05/2008: no call from Ikea; nor any reply/confirmation to my email. Looking forward to Friday!

Update 16/05/2008: Service 87 came but could not swap the ovens because of the way Core & Ore had wired in the oven. The microwave, and possibly the cabinet would have to be removed!

Update 18/05/2008 18h54: Email sent to Ikea telling them of situation (there was a message on our answerphone from 11am this morning – Ikea wanted to talk to us about the quote we sent them [for Friday’s visit!]. Swift). We gave them to 1 June to get Core & Ore out here to put all this right.

Update 03/06/2008 14h30: A manager from Core and Ore phoned Andrew at work. He said that an installer was at the house but no one was answering. This turned out to be a lie. Andrew’s mother was in the property. Later, she said that the installer told her that he first went to 3 Bell Drive (no such place, maybe meant 3 Bell St); and then flat no.3 (probably 3 Bell Mews).

Update 03/06/2008 14h35: The Core and Ore installer finally went to the correct house! He took out the old, broken oven and installed the replacement. He said that Ikea must come to pick up and dispose of the broken oven. An email was sent at 8pm to Ikea requesting this.

Update 25/06/2008: There was a message on our answerphone saying they could pick up the old oven on Monday. I sent Ikea an email saying that was fine with us.

Update 01/07/2008: The old oven was not picked up yesterday. I have sent another email to Ikea to query when they will pick it up. I made a request for compensation for all this hassle!

Update 03/07/2008 2:30pm: Ikea (kitchen installations group in Peterborough) called me at work to say that they would not be picking up the old oven after all! They said that it wasn’t cost-effective.  They said I would have to do all the disposal arrangements myself. I had none of this! I reminded Ikea that they had promised to pick it up; and had even arranged a date. Now they were going back on that! I also mentioned that under the WEEE directive that they are obligated to take back waste electrical goods. The person on the phone said they would talk to their supervisor. Then I got onto the phone to Which? Legal to ask their opinion; The main argument would likely be that this is a case of breach of contract: Ikea had said they would dispose of it and now they say they won’t. It might be argued that the broken oven is their property now and thus I could say I would charge them storage fees until they collect it.

Update 03/07/2008 3pm: Ikea called back and left a message. They said they would pick up the broken oven.

Update 03/07/2008 6pm: Ikea customer support in Bristol (the store where I bought it) said they would pick it up on Monday the 7th. I replied and said that was fine; and that the oven was outside ready for pick-up at any time.

Update 07/07/2008 9:15am: Ikea called from the delivery van to say they were picking up the old, broken oven that we had left out on the driveway for them.

Update 07/07/2008 7pm: Sure enough, after getting home from work, we saw that the old oven had been taken away! No word on any compensation for all this bother, though!

93 comments to Ikea Whirlpool Oven Door Shatters Spontaneously

  • Claire McNicol

    Our Ikea oven door has just smashed too, 8 years old but should not happen. Helpful to hear what has happened to others

  • Margaret (France)

    I bought a Whirlpool oven from Ikea in Marseilles, France, to put in our house in Southern France. This was in 2007. Last week, when my son and daughter in law were here with three young children, the outer door glass shattered and the bits went all over the kitchen. I am still finding them in odd places. Fortunately no-one was hurt. I don’t speak very good French, but where do I go from here?
    PS I live in the UK for most of the year.

  • Clement Lawford

    Ikea Whirlpool OBI C 10 oven outer glass shattered today, this was fitted oven is approximately 4-6 years old, I bought this flat about 3 and a half years ago. Very disappointed , not sure if this is covered by my building insurance

  • barbara mckay

    Hi there,

    just to let you know that my top oven inner glass spontaneously exploded while sitting on worktop removed to clean. my husband of course thought i had dropped which i had not! i was shocked to see how it shattered like a windscreen of a car, thankfully no one was hurt, but am still finding small amounts of glass where you would least expect even after hoovering. I have not contacted Ikea or Philips re this, but will now email as they need to be aware this is still happening . This is the first time this has ever happened with any oven over the past 29 years and was horrified it happened in an ikea product. I have bought hygena electrical products with integrated kitchen and never had this experience.

    Cannot believe the number of incidents of this happenening especially were small children involved.

  • milan

    My ikea outer glass door suddenly shatter, oven wasn’t in use. Nobody were at home when it happen.

  • Ken and Rita Downing

    So many events involving exploding glass oven doors It`s worrying it happened on ours yesterday 4/06/2013. My wife was stood infront of hit at the time,we are tring to find out some answers.It seems all we can do is buy a new door/oven.
    We can still cook we have another oven,the same MAKE.

  • Sharon

    Mumsig from IKEA (Made by Whirlpool) exploded today….truly scarey to hear the noise and see the glass all over…I had just opened the door to take out taco shells that had been heating and was about 3 feet away from the oven when the glass broke. The oven has been used 5-6 years, but that should never happen!

  • John

    Our Ikea oven door on our Datid OV8 oven exploded covering everything in glass. Awaiting engineer to contact me. Scarey, when you read other posts. Will keep you informed of any outcome. CJ

    • Eunice

      I posted that our Ikea oven door had exploded on my daughter. Well, now we have the situation resolved! after hubby getting more than a little upset with them and quoting the trade descriptions act (which states that as Ikea sold the goods its their responsibility and not whirlpools) and after I told them that I’d seen on the internet that 100’s of people had had exactly the same problem, they agreed either a new oven or a refund. When he looked on the website there was no oven like the one I’d had! and in any case I wasn’t confident having another one, so I now have a lovely new oven which I purchased from appliances online and I honestly can’t sing their praises enough – were wonderful and so is the oven. So for us, well after only 1 month 🙂 I have a new oven installed and the old one taken away (they were quick with that as they told me they couldn’t refund the money unless they had the old one and I said I wasn’t prepared to wait more than a week!) So here’s hoping you all get the same result. All I can say is, stick out for it and tell them that trade descriptions told us that its Ikea’s problem and they’ve got to give us the money back if we request it!

  • Eunice

    My Ikea over door exploded as my daughter opened it just two days before we left them to go away! They’ve spent two weeks cooking on the top! Eldest tried to get help from Ikea but as she couldn’t find the guarantee (less than a year old though) they wouldn’t talk to her and said someone would have to come out and they’d have to pay for it! Cant believe its happened – this is obviously a serious flaw, and yes you’re right, it could be very dangerous – fortunately my daughters a tall 23yr old not a 3yr old!! – she had cuts on her legs!
    Will leave a note with the outcome!

  • Nicola Sankey

    Well it will be no surprise to hear that our Mumsig Whirlpool outer oven door shattered last night. It is about 5 years old – I guess compared to other people it has lasted a long time! Really depressed at the thought of several months battle with Ikea to get a replacement. Even more depressed to hear they continue to sell them!

  • Carl Ng

    I’ve got a Whirlpool Prima Model LPR 812/01 and yesterday when I opened the oven door the outer glass shattered, again I have young children and luckily they were not around, surley this is a case for trading standards or watchdog?

  • John Millar

    My wife and young daughter were sitting waiting whilst roasting potatoes in
    our ikea oven,its only 2 years old and it the inner glass exploded all over my wifes legendry
    roast tatties and since we were starving,we have eaten the tatties and although we weer sure there was no
    glass in them im paranoid that a small shard might be penetrating my gut,IKEA Sucks,we spend over 20 grand with
    them and have a catalougue of hassle although they do come out and address the problems if you keep busting theyre balls,there just shouldnt be so many.

  • Sarah

    My 4 month old Ikea internal oven door shattered last night. I have an engineer coming round tomorrow to evaluate it! hopefully I won’t be shunted from pillar to post.

  • Heena

    Our whirlpool ikea door shattered yesterday! Just thankful it happened when the kids were not around as it is at their head level!
    When are whirlpool going to take responsibility?
    Not rung them yet but don’t have much hope after reading everyone elses reviews as ours was in the house we just bought and not sure exactly when it was fitted .
    Anyone written to watchdog yet?

  • Lee Denniston


    Our Whirlpool oven purchased from IKEA exploded over a month ago. We purchased it last July and was delivered in August. I called IKEA to explain what had happened and I was passed from pillar to post. IKEA put me in touch with Whirlpool and told me that even though they sold me the oven it is not their problem now as it is a manufacturing problem and I must deal with Whirlpool direct! Whirlpool have proven themselves to be the most inept company I have ever had the mispleasure of dealing with. So far it has been a month and we have no oven! Needless to say we have passed this on to trading standards.

  • Cathy

    My oven door just shattered as well! Shocking design flaw!

  • Lisa

    Our Whirlpool AKP246/IX shattered when opened last week! Its about 5 years old. Stay away from Whirlpool!!!

  • Carole

    Returned home after a morning shopping to find that the outer glass door on my Whirlpool door had shattered. The last time that the ccoker was used was the night before so can’t really understand why it should have happened.
    Purchased Feb 2007 from B&Q.After reading the hassle others have had we decided to go out and purchase a BOSCH oven. To last just 4 years with very little use I would say that the doors are not fit for purpose.

    • Alison

      That’s interesting – my Whirlpool, oven door shattered this week and I bought it in 2007. As a matter of interest, which model did you have? I’ve had no joy from Whirlpool, they first wanted to sell me some parts-insurance or I could buy a new door for £207!


    The inner glass on my brand new Ikea Electrolux framtid 0v9 oven shattered on first use- they replaced it without question within a month but worried it could happen again.
    the control knob icons do not correspond with the instruction book either!!

  • m.dickinson

    my oven door shattered i got on to b&q were i bought it from they didnt want to know as its warranty was for a year only my oven was 18months old. will never shop there again.

  • Andrew Cumbria

    Just read a few of the 69 -make that 70 – events of shattering outer glass doors on mumsig electric oven. Admittedly, this is five years old, but we had guests using the house, and the door exploded – yes, literally – and we are only glad that neither they nor their little children were hurt. I agree with one oif the above – what’s the point in searching for a repair or a replacement, if it’s only going to happen again.

  • pdw

    oven door now in a MILLION pieces – Ikea / Whirlpool … this is a serious design flaw … your doors are failing a LOT!!! and youre liable!

  • Geraldine C

    My Whirlpool AKP246 oven door shattered when opened. 2 years old. Looks expensive to replace. Whirlpool should get their act together and recall all these faulty models and reimburse us poor suckers. Now!

  • Mike Phillips

    My wife opened the door of the double whirlpool and it shattered into a million pieces cutting her badly onthe hand and foot. I am considering legal action as this is something which should cause a recall (al a Toyota) are they waiting for a childto be blinded or killed before they do anything? Our oven is about 2 years old.

  • Andrew

    Chalk-up one more Ikea/Whirlpool oven door shattering – outer door on a 5 year old oven. Luckily it was laminated glass so it didn’t go everywhere but there’s obviously a fault in the design or materials. I shall get onto Ikea tomorrow.

  • Steve

    I just opened the door of my whirlpool by ikea for it to shatter all over myself and my ten month old son. Clearly this is some kind of fault on the ovens, but I dont want it to be replaced in case it happens again!

  • Chris

    My oven door just shattered last night. Opened the oven and crash, glass everywhere!

  • another IKEA oven door busted, and the google eddies lead me here as well. My final scrub of the stove as I am about to move out of my sublet here in Berlin, and POW! I don’t even know enough german to call ikea here, I guess I’ll give it a try but could cold be a factor? It seems like this is happening to people around holidays, or maybe they only bake that time of year!?
    we will prevail friends!

  • CJ London

    Our Whirlpool Nutid inner oven door has just shattered spontaneously. A quick Google lead us here. We bought it from Ikea so we’ll start there tomorrow, but it’s incredibly depressing to read people’s stories here.

  • Pip Kent

    Just stayed in a holiday let in Dinan France courtesy of Le Triskel holidays. The oven in the appartment spontaneously shattered on our third time of turning the oven on (IKEA LAGAN OV3 model). The ownerd of the appartment say that so far elecrolux and IKEA not playing ball and are witholding my damage deposit of £200.00. I did nothing except turn their oven on and watch it explode over my evening meal. I do not feel in anyway responsible for the oven -clearly IKEA and electrolux feel the same…but I just want my deposit back as I have done nothing wrong!

    • When I had a landlord in Corsica keep too much of the security deposit for a broken lamp, I contested her then on the spot (to no avail), then went through the travel agents & reseller.

      One of them did refund me most of the deposit – ie leaving amount reasonable to buy a replacement.

      You might also try going through your credit card company, if you paid for some/all your holiday on one.

      Good luck.


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