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Lost in the Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue Sea (computer game splash screen)Andrew has been sucked into that world where time does not exist and the addiction to “just one more level” is enough to make you wet your pants instead of getting up to go to the toilet.

In his university days, it was Tetris; Today, it is Deep Blue Sea, made by The Game Equation, a Danish company.

The simple premise is to get three like items in a row to make them disappear so that important objects fall towards the bottom of the screen.

Deep Blue Sea (computer game screenshot)Andrew has got up to level 36 with 484,375 points, in just two sessions, first last night with the demo version, and today with the paid-for full version (US$20, or £12.88 in the UK including VAT).

deep-blue-sea-game-level-112.jpgUpdate 2 March 2008: I’m now finished the main set of puzzles, scored 3,031,505 points and have arrived at the “bonus 20 levels” – starting at level 112. My favourite tool: the magnet – to destroy all those pesky, double-locked items! Oh yes, and extra tanks of air for those levels without puffer fish. Tolii has now been recruited to help me find places where I can line up the items to make three in a row, and to let me know when the special items are available.

Deep Blue Sea - end of game screenUpdate 11 March: Its over! I’m free! After 135 or so levels, and a score of Deep Blue Sea - high score at end of game3,892,320 I’m free! I’ve done all the levels. Gosh knows what I will do in the evenings now. Perhaps get around to editing some family videos…or maybe just going to bed at a decent hour.

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