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A Walk “Within” Whitchurch

p1660449-large.JPGThis weekend we stayed well within the known Whitchurch area (unlike last weekend). Tosha’s friend Tristan brought along his sister Autumn and his mum and dad (Carole and Richard) for a walk along the Test River path and into the Millennium Meadow.

It was a gorgeous spring day in the middle of winter: sunny and warm (14C).

p1660639-large.JPGThe highlight of the trip was the tree climbing! Everyone somehow managed to find themselves high above the ground. Granny was very concerned that they may break their collar bones. Thankfully, everyone survived!

p1660546-large.JPGThere was also races and rocket launches. Mummy even had a chance to do some skipping rope exercises!

And, as is becoming quite common on our trips, the kids are finding many trees that are “surprise trees” which, upon close inspection, offer up hidden candy! It seems only Tosha and Tolii can find those magical trees! Maybe that’s why they climbed the tree today?

(aside: a milestone this evening…daddy took down the stair gate and mummy has packed up the “stinker”, our name for the nappy bin)

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