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A Walk “Around” Whitchurch

Andrew left a message on Kudrat & Jackie’s answerphone: “We’re heading out for a walk around Whitchurch and wondered if you and your kids would like to join us. We’re going to go see the Sandwich Cows in the meadow, the Mill, the Test River, and finish up near the primary school. Call us back if you can come!”

A short while later, they did call back – and they all were excited by a nice walk around town on such a sunny winter’s day.

We bundled up Tolii and Tosha, and ourselves, and then headed out to meet the gang near the Baptist Church on Newbury Street, across from the footpath that starts on Chatter Lane.

p1660117-large.JPGOur first realization that the gang had misunderstood what “around” meant was when we saw them all in their shiny white sneakers and Hanna in her very clean, very fashionable coat.

Oh dear. I had on my hiking boots, and so did Katya. Tolii and Tosha were in their grubby snowsuits (okay, they were clean, but we didn’t mind if they got them dirty, as we expected them to).

The second indication of misunderstand was when Kudrat asked “Shall we go feed the ducks at the Silk Mill first, or go to the Millenium Meadow?”

p1660167-large.JPGTime to clarify the situation.

p1660284-large.JPG“Guys, when I said, a walk ‘around’ Whitchurch, I meant it literally”, said I. “We’re not going to the Millenium Meadow nor to the Silk Mill. Instead, we’re going along Chatter Lane, across the top of Lynch hill, out at the Prince Regent pub, along the trail near The Gables, down the farmer’s field to the road that leads to Town Mill, across the meadow with the Sandwich Cows in them, and then follow the River Test back into town to arrive at the primary school where we can then head off to feed the ducks at the Silk Mill”.

p1660312-large.JPG“Oh”, said Kudrat. And Jackie.

“Oh boy!”, said their kids, Joshua, Rachel and Hanna.

p1660431-large.JPGSo off we went on our adventure.

At the end of it all, we came back to our place for some coffee, tea and…pancakes! to celebrate the long, muddy, chilly, and fun trek that we had completed.

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