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Tosha’s Experiments Continue

Now that Tosha has contented himself with gumming up Daddy’s computer’s DVD drive, he has moved on to more interesting experiments.

Daddy had taken Tosha upstairs to brush his teeth; and then left for work after returning Tosha downstairs.

A bit later, mummy told the boys to go upstairs to brush their teeth. Tosha said that he had already brushed his teeth, and so mummy went upstairs with Tolii.

Parental mistake number 1: becoming content with your two year old’s abilities and interests.

Parental mistake number 2: taking more (perceived) interest in the four year old sibling than the two year old.

Parental mistake number 3: ironing clothes in front of the two year old last week.

So, what does mummy find upon returning downstairs?

A two year old sitting on the sofa, with an innocent face, pulling stickers off a sticker sheet and putting them onto his sweater.

And what else?

Smoke rising from a freshly washed and folded table cloth sitting on the boys’ table.

And why was there smoke rising from said table cloth?

Because Tosha had succeeded in his latest experiment! This time it was an experiment for his future electrical engineering course:

Hypothesis: Electricity can be turned into thermal energy (or, what happens when I do as mummy and daddy do and plug something into a socket, when that something is an iron?)

Experiment: Find an electrical heating appliance that is within eye sight and plug it into the socket.  Reorient the appliance so that its heating surface is placed into contact with a combustible fabric.

Result: Nothing for a little while (might as well spend quality time putting stickers onto sweater). Then, smoke!

Secondary result: A four year old with clean teeth saying “What’s that smell mummy?”

Tertiary result: A relaxed mummy turning into a stressed mummy as she dashes to the socket to unplug the iron.

On the positive side, mummy no longer had to feel guilty about throwing out a table cloth that she didn’t really want to keep anyway.

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