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Tosha’s Experiment

p1650297-large.JPGTolii and Tosha have taken to playing p1650316-large.JPG Jump Ahead Starting School first thing in the mornings. Its a nifty set of games for them to learn things through play. Unfortunately, Tosha sometimes gets a bit bored just sitting there watching and so begins to explore computer hardware. He conducts experiments such as this latest one…

p1650313-large.JPGHypothosis: DVDs are made of plastic; [amazon-product type=”text” text=”Stickle Bricks”]B001AXFJXO[/amazon-product] are made of plastic; Stickle Bricks are lots of fun for me (Tosha) to play with; DVDs go into the computer’s DVD drive; thus, Stickle Bricks inserted into the DVD drive will give me endless hours of fun.

Experiment: Shove as many Stickle Bricks as possible into the DVD drive and see how much fun it is.

Conclusion: It is lots of fun. Mummy and Daddy thoroughly enjoyed dismantling the computer to extract all the Stickle Bricks from the DVD drive.

Idea for next experiment: Same again, this time see if Tolii notices that he can’t play his game until drive is fixed. Oh yes, and cover Stickle Bricks in glue.

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