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A Loss at Victory!

p1650036-large.JPGOne of Tolii’s Christmas presents was a book of tickets for various experiences. One of them we cashed in last weekend: a trip to Portsmouth harbour to visit HMS Victory, Nelson’s ship at the Battle of Trafalgar.

A little research beforehand would have revealed that it wasn’t run like the sister ship Warrior: it was a guided tour of nearly an hour in length.

Daddy heard the first half of the tour on board; then mummy heard the last half; grandpa managed to hear most of it. Tosha on the other hand…say no more.

Well, let us just say a bit more: it was an echo of the time we did visit Warrior with a young Tolii. There, too, mummy and daddy didn’t get to soak in the entire experience of the boat.

So, we’ll be back here again…

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