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Lying to a four year old

Basingstoke Ice Skating ClubThis afternoon we were invited to a skating show at Basingstoke’s Planet Ice arena. The older sisters of Tosha’s best friend, Joshua, were performing in it.

It was probably the first “show” that either Tolii and Tosha had ever seen (and certainly the longest time they had to sit still!).

The first half had a few themes, one of them was space: there was a battle with light sabres, aliens darting about the rink and astronaughts flying about (interestingly, they arrived on board a train…).

This is all well and good; Tosha was most stunned and enthralled by it – we’ve never heard him so quiet.

Tolii, on the other hand, or leg, as it was – he was sitting on daddy’s lap the whole time – was brimming with questions.

Not wanting to dampen his obvious enthusiasm, we decided to answer all his questions (at first). Mostly, they were “Where’s Rachel?” and “Which one is Hanna?”. To which Daddy replied, “Hanna is the forth one from the front of that line in the black outfit”.

“Which one?” Tolii asks.

“There! There! Look, one, two, three, four. That one” says daddy.

“Which one?” he asks again.

“Oh look at the astronaught!” says daddy.

Distraction works great with four year olds.

After about 20 minutes of this, I suggested to mummy to do a swap. At last, a quiet boy on my lap who is just mesmerized by the show…

“Which one is Hanna?” Tolii starts again with mummy….

But this time, it didn’t stop there.

Tolii then asked, during the Mary Poppins themed show: “Where does Mary Poppins live?”

“She lives in the clouds above London” said mummy.

“How does she go down?” asked Tolii.

“She uses her umbrella like a parachute” replied mummy.

“How does she go up, then?” asked Mr.Logical Thinking Tolii.

This is where mummy had to make a concious decision to embellish the little lies that were starting. But how far do you go…

“The umbrella has two solid rocket boosters” tried mummy.

Now, this could get difficult if Mr.Logical Tolii asked more details, but thankfully one of the skaters fell on her ass and distracted everyone.

After the half-time break; and a wonderful show of the Zamboni; some junior hockey players and their mascot, a bison, came out to show off briefly for the crowd.

Now, you must understand, both Katya and I do not want to encourage any form of activity in our boys that will require us to wake up at 4am for “practice”, like Joshua’s mummy does for Hanna and Rachel…

So, when Tolii started asking why the boys were wearing masks, and why was there a bison without a mask, daddy was a bit short with his answers.

At last, the second half begun. I think we managed an escape from the hockey practice…

The second half featured more skating (well, you would expect that) and people dressed up as animals.

Its curious to wonder what Tosha made of animals on skates on ice. He seemed to accept it. But I just know when he turns four that he’ll ask at the zoo: “Daddy, why don’t those giraffes wear skates?”.

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