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Flight Patterns

Flight PatternsIf you like pretty pictures and flying, then you’d probably like the “reality art” (does any one else call it that?) over at Flight Patterns. It shows the flights within North America over one day.

I got there through a random read of Wikipedia – its home page featured the article on the WTC7 building. It has some links to articles in the New York Times. I then followed links there to their Travel section and stumbled across it. Neat how its fun to get lost in cyberspace sometimes.

Mobius transformations videoAnd if you’ll permit the link; I then found myself looking for “reality art”, found some pages with boring art on them until I came across which had a video page with a reference to a short video by a maths prof that explained Möbius transformations.  Its nice to think about flat pictures created as shadows from 3D objects…oh, dear, that thought will probably divert me all over the web now…

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