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Paper Airplanes – why fold anymore?

I loved paper airplanes as a kid. Tolii and Tosha enjoy flying theirs, too. But these online versions were just a treat tonight before bedtime. So much so, daddy had to come back after they were asleep to beat his score and try to improve his world rankings. Please be warned that it (a) ain’t easy (is it Katya!?); and (b) is addictive. My trick is to give the mouse just that little bit of a “U” movement instead of a straight “-” throw. You’ll know what I mean when you try…

So, here are the links, and my scores so far…

paperplane1.jpgAt : 91.705m (my rank was 17487 when 122,902,568 flights had been flown at their site); UPDATE: just beat that!, now I’ve flown 99.61m, and rank 13356 at 122,910,930 flights. Proof.

paperplane2.jpgAt : 138.051m (my rank was 103509 when 15,533,527 flights had been flown at their site).

And…something completely different: Noose the Loose Moose.

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