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Cambridge by train

Today, daddy returned from his day trip to visit a couple of customers in Cambridge. Yesterday, he took the train from Fleet to Cambridge, via the grungy Tube between Waterloo and Kings Cross. He stayed at the Best Western Cambridge Quy Mill Hotel – a wonderful place with excellent food for dinner! Recommended. For lunch, go up Church street a tad more to the Wheatsheaf pub.

It took 3 hours to travel back from Cambridge to Whitchurch. (Again via the grungy Tube in London; and, today, a central line train derailed due to maintenance equipment left on the track! So not only is the Tube grungy, smelly, dishevelled, stuffy, crowded, noisy, cramped and awkward, it is now also disaster prone due to incompetence – its a disgrace to the city; sorry, tourists).

By car, the journey would have been about 2 hours – but with the risk of queues on the M25 motorway ring road. Instead, the train was relaxing, thrillingly fast (100mph!) and scenic (well, outside, looking at the countryside once outside London).

It was the highlight of daddy’s journey to see Katya and the kids waiting for him up at the train station. Tolii and Tosha were falling over themselves to hug daddy and walk home with him, holding his hands!

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