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Get Lost! (Not)

Garmin Nüvi 670 GPSAndrew finally broke down and bought himself a GPS gadget: the Garmin Nüvi 670. The similar 660 got rave reviews but didn’t have (up until very recently) the integrated FM transmitter – a feature definitely worth having.

Its quite cool and promises to not get him lost (not that seemed to be a problem before…!?). The only drawback is that you have to lug the thing with you so it doesn’t tempt thieves to break into your car – but its pretty lightweight, thin and comes with a nice carry pouch. Nifty set of features, too: Bluetooth (of course, for a man who’s job depends on the technology!); FM xmitter and MP3 player. Now Tolii & Tosha’s music can come blarring through the car’s speakers and its paused automatically when the soothing British voice tells daddy to do a U-turn at his earliest convenience!

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  • Now it seems broken, and in a similar vein to the original (I sent the original back to Garmin under warranty last autumn).

    It boots up and finds satellites etc all fine – except instead of showing the map, it is all white and the message “Drawing…” is in the top left. It stays that way a long, long time.

    I got it to show a map by pressing in the white area (normally doing this switches from 3D map view to straight-down view) and then zoom out and in a few times. Maybe that was just luck though…

  • Just updated it with City Navigator Europe NT 2008. Sadly, no maps of Corfu for our upcoming holiday. Why not!?

  • […] we go. Thank goodness. Darn, forgot the GPS and to pick up Josh’s jacket which Tosha insisted on wearing back from the nursery yesterday. […]

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