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Anton Visits Anton Lakes!

Anton Visits Anton Lakes!Gill, Katie’s mum, gave us a ring this (mostly) rainy afternoon to see if we could join them at the lovely little nature reserve in nearby Andover called Anton Lakes Local Nature Reserve.

Update: now you can read about the place on our kids’ outings page.

Katya was between Gatwick airport and home (Baba flew home today) so it was just daddy, granny and the kids. After a bit of a struggle to find where things like waterproofs were “organized” in the house, we found our way there during a fortunate break in the weather.

Katie and Amy arrived before us and had been very busy gathering specimens to study. They had caught three tadpoles in varying stages of development! Daddy made some joke about being thirsty and next thing you know both Tosha and Tolii wanted to drink the glass of pond water with the tadpoles in them. Mmm, mmm crunchy. Thank goodness mummy wasn’t there.

Tosha (“Anton”) was right at home in the rain — there were puddles everywhere to be splashed in (and rocks thrown in to make bigger splashes). Tolii thoroughly enjoyed the fishing and the other hidden gem: a play park with a monkey swing!

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