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We’ve Moved (Blogs)

Welcome to the Reeves-Hall family’s blog (again)!

We just moved our blog from Blogger to WordPress. So, this is the first entry using the new system! It was a bit of work for Andrew, but no work for you. Over time, and in his “free” time,which Andrew classifies as between 9pm and 3am, spiffy features of this new blogging system will be discovered and you will reap the rewards.

For now, though, and because it is approaching 3am, all the old blogs were sucked right in – so you can still read all our family’s history.

Edit: This entry did have a funky video on it which Andrew created by uploading a picture of his face and getting a website to map it onto a 3-D wireframe. Anyway, Katya thought it was just an advert and then when told it was Andrew wouldn’t believe it. So, now its gone and the curious are just left with this link to Gizmoz.

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