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OSCSS Reunion

Andrew is back from a brief trip to Canada for the 25th anniversary reunion of the Ontario Science Centre’s Science School (OSCSS). Its been 20 years since Andrew went to the school for half of his grade 13 credits before heading off to university.

First, there was a party at Chia Chia and Graham’s house.

Then we moved to the Ontario Science Centre for the formal reunion.

It was great to see so many of my old (but not necessarily old looking) friends. Some teachers were there too, like John “Communications” Fowles; “Bio” Bob Lundy and Earl “Electron” Sweeney.

Does our semester win for the most fertile group? I’ve never seen so many kids! And what’s this with having 4 kids? Are you guys nuts?

All the spouses fitted right in too. Judy’s husband even climbed the tree and started pruning it!

Here’s who was at both parties…Leigh, Debra, Carolyn, Chia Chia, Adam, Roy, Roma, Judy, Marcus, Trevor, Lisa H., Kate, Stefan, and me!

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