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Easter Weekend 2007

p1380324-763597Four days off. With the kids. Thankfully, with two grannies too!

p1380256-762301Friday: sunburning daddy at Finkley Down Farm Park; Tolii meanwhile shuttled between THE slide and the monkey swing. Tosha took the whole place in, but especially liked his first ride on the monkey swing. Back home we had our first BBQ of the season!

p1380434-766841Saturday: hunting for Easter eggs in the Millennium Meadow, quickly followed by hunting for bugs in the pond! The afternoon was mummy’s time to strip (wallpaper) from our upstair hall – she found pink underneath! That made Tolii very happy (ha!).

p1380964-732585Sunday: swimming at Basingstoke Aquadrome. p1380970-733994Tosha clearly loves the water: with his typical “no, no, no” he told mummy not to interfere with his wading until he was up to his nose standing in the water (literally!). In the afternoon we took off to Popham airfield where we met up with Katie and Amy to watch the many airplanes at the fly-in.

p1390019-714608p1390021-715507Monday: hiking up Farley mount monument in Winchester. It was our mistake to tell Tolii that a horse was buried below it…”What horse?”, “Why did it die?”, “Where is the hole (it jumped into)?”. Politely we answered all his questions. And then he asked them all again. And again. We distracted him with some fun games. That quieted things down a bit. Mummy thought it quite funny when daddy, a short time later, asked Tolii if he had seen a horse. “What horse?”…Oh, the fun a 3 year old gives daddy!

p1390064-711986p1380986-747334We rounded out the “holiday” by painting the pink hallway yellow.

A wondrous feast followed – topped off with dessert by granny (and Marks & Spencer).

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