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Grandpa Arrives

p1330375-723288Grandpa (aka Brian, aka Andrew’s dad) arrived at Heathrow this morning from Toronto. Tolii and Tosha were extremely excited by his arrival.

His flight was delayed leaving Toronto by 20 minutes because some loser didn’t retract the gangway properly and the plane snagged it when it started backing away. Who do they employ at Air Canada these days?

Driving to pick him up was an adventure for Andrew: there was one of the heaviest rainstorms ever, along with wonderful pink lightning striking cell phone towers beside the motorway. Luckily everyone else on the M3 motorway acted appropriately.

Anyway, all had cleared away for the return trip.

Grandpa managed to stay awake until about 20 minutes ago – hoping that it will help him adjust to the new time zone. He said he had a fussy 1 year old behind him on the plane, which meant he didn’t get much sleep on the way over.

And already, Grandpa is trying to prioritize the DIY tasks he knew we had for him.

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