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Well, I think we’re there. It took just a few days to finally wean Tosha from mummy’s milk. There was a little bit of fuss when the morning feed was abruptly removed, and a little bit more fuss when the last remaining feed, just before bedtime finally disappeared.

We don’t know if it is coincidence or not, but for the past couple of nights Tosha has been full of a lot of energy (more than his normal) in the bath and just before bed. If he had a marathon to run, he’d win. He let’s us know that he isn’t too pleased about being put into his crib – something we hope will subside by later this week because…

…this weekend we want to move his crib into Tolii’s room! And Tolii definitely will not put up with a little brother who is fussing at night. He already let’s us know that “I don’t like that noise” whenever Tosha starts screaming. And he definitely does not like it when Tosha is jumping in his bed. Oh yes, and Tosha loves to tease Tolii by stealing “Doggie” and running away (hoping to be chased).

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